The Mechanical Engineering Department offers undergraduate course- B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, and the department has well-equipped all categorical laboratories, dedicated Undergraduate CAD/CAM software lab with 60 computers.


The department, over the years, has been adapting its curriculum, laboratories and research programs to move abreast in Electronics, instrumentation and related areas. In all its programs, it has managed to acquire the right mix of computers and telecommunication, which is fuelling tremendous growth of Electronics today. The syllabus is designed to meet the requirements of the modern industries, keeping in mind the recommendations of industrial experts. Problem solving has been given a prominent place. Laboratory equipment are regularly updated. It is our commitment to continuously strive for imparting high quality education and training to our students, so that they are molded into competent professionals.


This branch is one of the main branches of engineering, regarded as lifeline of an industry. The department has a good number of qualified and experienced faculties and labs with well equipped modern and advanced equipment. The program deals with generation, transmission, distribution, utilization and control of electrical power, as per the requirements of mankind. Apart from this, the department encourages students to undergo industrial training at various organizations for in-depth, practical exposure.


The department of Computer Science and Engineering began functioning in the year 1999. The department has four major computer labs and faculty strength as per AICTE norms. The department offers a wide range of practical training and exposure to both software and hardware that have industry and trade applicability. The department has the most advanced infrastructure and has a very close interface with the software industries to meet the market demand. There are more than 500 computers with the latest configuration networked with five servers on LAN/WAN connectivity providing access to the users through the Internet and Intranet facilities. Steps have been taken to make a wireless connectivity campus by the end of the year 2009, thereby providing the students the Wi-Fi technology i. e. access to internet and labs, browsing anywhere inside the campus by using their Laptops.

Students - Outstanding Results

Our Students have been achieved outstanding results in last five academic year's; Result percentage has been enhanced significantly to 95% on whole.

  • District 1st Rank - MBA.
  • District 5th Rank - B. Tech.
  • District 9th Rank - MCA.
  • Admission Procedure

    Admission to the B.Tech programs is through an entrance examination i.e. Engineering Agricultural Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET), conducted by State Govt, of A.P. All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), and MCA & MBA through I-CET